Amaizing Grains, LLC

Daniel Piraino

Managing Director,
Management Team

Daniel Piraino has been a flight officer for Delta Air Lines since 1996.  This has included positions in various aircraft types and as Flight Engineer, First Officer, Captain and Instructor on a variety of aircraft- most recently the Boeing 767.  Dan established a Trust Company in 1994 that has grown to include customers from six continents and steady growth over the last 18 years.  The success of this company led to a merger with an International Trust company in 2012.

In 1997, Dan established Trident Aviation Services.  Trident has grown into an international aircraft sales firm with offices on three continents and global sales of over 400 aircraft.  Trident continues today, despite a downturn in the aviation market, with sales on six continents, consulting to large financial institutions and asset management for various portfolio owners.

In 2007, Dan co-established Volo Direct.  Volo is an international aircraft parts distribution company.  Dan has grown Volo from a small warehouse in Newport, Delaware to a global parts distribution network that is now located in a 45,000 square foot facility to accommodate the rapid growth of inventory and customer base.

Most recently, Dan established a new venture ASK, LLC in order to supply truck parts to Central Africa.  ASK is seeing rapid growth as it sets out to manage logistics and sales from its newly established office in Central Africa.

Andrew Piraino

Director of Operations,
Management Team

Andrew Piraino joined Hercules (International) in 1964. After Paper Chemical sales and marketing assignments in Italy, he transferred to Brasil to direct the newly formed subsidiary, Hercules do Brasil.  A multifaceted program designed to enhance market share and profitability was initiated – new products were introduced, manufacturing facilities constructed and sales personnel trained.  Within two years, Hercules do Brasil garnered 80% market share in Brasil and earned the title of most profitable corporate unit worldwide.

Subsequently, during a nine-year period with Himont, the world’s largest polypropylene manufacturer,  Andy was responsible for managing Latin American sales, marketing and joint ventures totaling $100 million.  He also served as Managing Director of Himont de Mexico.

Andy retired from multinational corporate life in 1994 and, together with two colleagues, formed and operated Futura Worldwide Associates, Inc., with primary focus on developing business opportunities in plastic resin, plastic film and closure manufacturing technology.

Kevin Wargo

Director of Finance,
Management Team

Kevin has a MBA in business management and has spent many years on the finance side of business.  He has worked in banking, pharmaceuticals, and is currently involved in both the aviation and mining industries.  His experience involves: planning, budgeting, and forecasting.  Currently he runs Volo Direct, an aviation parts company, servicing customers on multiple continents.  Kevin is also responsible for day-to-day operations of a mining parts company based in Wilmington, Delaware servicing DRC.

Kevin will be traveling to DRC on a monthly basis to support the project on site, as well as leading the administrative tasks at headquarters.

John R. Grunter

General Manager

    John R. Gunter, is a fourth generation Arkansas rice farmer.  The Jonesboro, Arkansas area hosts about half the USA rice production within a 100-mile radius, making it the geographic epicenter of the USA rice industry.

    John developed and operated his own 2,200-acre rice farm west of Jonesboro in the early 1980s before selling the farm in 1996 in pursuit of other challenges and interests, particularly those with a foreign connotation.  He holds Bachelor’s (1983) and Master’s (1984) degrees in Agribusiness and Economics from Arkansas State University and a Master of Business Administration degree (1999) from Murray State University.  John served as a Business Advisor to Dominica in 1998-1999 in USAID’s Free Market Development Advisor’s Program (FMDAP), a program that sends selected graduate business school students to developing countries to advise private sector operators on ways to become more competitive in today’s global economy.  Since early 2000, John has pursued West Africa-based commercial trading opportunities and other agribusiness ventures in West Africa.

    John’s professional talents, mechanical skills, personal temperament and his commitment to Africa are congruent with the immediate and future needs of the Amaizing Grains project.  John will reside on-site.