Amaizing Grains, LLC





About Us

Amaizing Grains has a land lease on 65,000 hectares of farmable land and is focused on developing this land in order to feed the people of Katanga, DR Congo, and the southern African region.

The 65,000 HA site is located near Kashobwe, Katanga in DRC. This major agricultural effort will begin with rice and also include corn and soybeans. The project’s primary mission is to provide sustenance for  the people of Katanga and the DRC. Complimenting improved health via increased sustenance, will be the important social benefits of education and employment. Therefore, the project will enhance the futures of all those participating.


Development Plan

The land can be defined in three sections: the marsh, the eastern uplands, and the western uplands. Each section will farm crops most suited for the topography. A multi phased master plan is envisioned starting with 19,000 HA of rice and to be followed by other grains (corn and soy) and poultry. All operational responsibilities will be coordinated from the Command Center that will oversee and service the entire area and include: